Case Study: Review My Room

Review my room in one of the earliest websites we have worked on. This website works as an automated tool for hotel owners to manage their customer reviews in the world of internet which in turn helps businesses improve their online reputation and rankings. The website also integrates hotel reviews with platforms such as google, Facebook and TripAdvisor in order to boost the quality and quantity of customer reviews.

Of the many services designed on the website one of them is a hotel review management system. This system prompts a guest to share their experience on platforms such as on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook. Negative reviews are directed towards your GM and a quick response helps improve the customer experience by providing a more personal touch.

RMR Case Study

RMR Case Study

Another service on the website can monitor across industry-leading review sites including TripAdvisor,, Google and Expedia with custom responses to all reviews within 24 hours.  Also the hotel online reputation management service carefully manages your online guest reviews by monitoring public review sites and quickly responding to negative posts. By maintaining a positive online reputation you secure returning and new guests, increase your ranking and grow your revenue.

We have also developed a hotel reputation management software which can be easily integrated with a hotel’s front desk operations. This software also includes analytics that shows daily reports which will help you track staff compliance, emails sent and the response from guests in real time.

This website is perfect example for anyone trying to set up a Software as a Service business.

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