Case Study:

This website was designed in order to enable the client to add/edit and display hotels and their details, such as location, number of people allowed, number of beds, pet-friendly or not, wifi available or not, etc., on a specified dynamic webpage. Although we were not responsible for designing the entire website, we did take up the most important part of the project. We were responsible for designing the database management system that would allow the client to add hotels and their details on the webpage. We were also responsible for designing the search page and the individual property pages that would display the data from the database. 

The first step of the project was to draw out an entity-relationship diagram that would allow us to break down the database into multiple tables as per the requirements of the client. Then we created the necessary tables in the database, using MYSQL, that would allow us to execute our design on the search page and the property pages. 

We first started working on the individual property page. The purpose of this page was to display the data of individual properties from the properties table based on the user input. The next step was to create a procedure in the database that would allow us to select the required data from our database based on the unique property ID given to each individual property in the database. We then had to edit the HTML code of the property page and call our procedure using PHP functions in order to make the page dynamic based on user input.

Once the property page was complete, we started working on the search page where each and every property would be listed. We created a custom design for this page using HTML script. The purpose of this page was to display multiple properties from the database based on the multiple inputs the user can provide. We made sure the design was responsive on both mobile and tablets. The idea was the same as with the above page, however, the procedure for this particular page was complex as it required multiple user inputs. Even the user inputs were of different types such as text input, checkbox, integer, etc. 

The procedure required the inputs to be prepared before selecting the required data from the database. Once the procedure was complete, we used PHP functions to call the procedure on the search page. We also made sure to prepare the input variables once again to make sure no errors occur. We used the help of PHP scripts to make the page dynamic based on all the inputs the user selects. For example, to see pet-friendly properties a user simply has to check a checkbox and the search page will display only those properties that allow pets. Some of the other user inputs allow the user to select properties based on location, specify the number of people, select from different types of accommodation(glamping, quirky, treehouse, and cabin), check for wifi availability, and much more.

Furthermore, to the client’s requirement, we created a dynamic form using HTML and PHP scripts to allow the client to enter new properties into the database. However since the client would have to enter hundreds of properties into the database, it would be difficult to enter them into the database one by one. As a solution to this problem, we custom-created an HTML page that allowed the client to upload the data into the database using a .csv file. Apart from this we also provided the client with a dynamic form that allows him to edit and update existing properties in the database. 

This project is a perfect example for businesses that want to provide their users with the best possible experience on their website with a custom-made dynamic and responsive website design. We can make any kind of customization as per request. 

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