What Our Clients Say About Us

Web Guru Design Client Nadia

“Vibhor is a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and went above and beyond the scope to ensure a quality product. Although there is a 10.5 hours time difference, he always was available to give updates on the project. I look forward to working with him again.”

Nadia Alarakhia / reviewmyroom.com
Web Guru Design Client Gerard Senehi

“Thank you Vibhor for recreating my website. I can’t tell you how appreciative I was for your meticulous work and follow through. You are not only incredibly knowledgeable but I also so appreciated your many clear and simple explanations, which is rare for this kind of work. I was left feeling like I received the best care and the best final product possible.”

Gerard Senehi / experimentalist.com

“I thank my lucky stars I found you! That is for one for FINALLY, I have someone who gets my vision!!! Your work is excellent. You have done an amazing job and I am really impressed with your work. Bless you for all your efforts and hard work.
Thank you and well done….”

Sophie Bradley / spikessightwords.com

“It’s with much pleasure that we express our happiness in the quality of work that Vibhor Roy and his team have shown in preparing our website. They have also shown extreme responsibility while executing the job in the shortest time possible. We are much delighted to award Vibhor and his team with a 5 Star rating. Thank you Vibhor!”

Sushil Babu / stactech.in

“Vibhor was the most kind and helpful web designer Ive worked with by far! Keeps up to date with requests and changes. will recommend what works better for certain situations. and able to customize my site to the way i desire. Working with him again for my next customization. Highly recommend!”

Anna / Anna Rubeic Photography
Web Guru Design Client

“I was tasked to design 2 websites for our business. I had never designed a website before, but Vibhor made it very easy and painless. He was understanding and quick with changes, and worked with me on understanding how to manage the sites also.”

Heather / Helpful Investment Mastermind
Web Guru Design Client

“This guy here is amazing. Very Skillful, great communication, and dependable. His work is worth it. Awesome developer/designer. I would recommend to others, great job.”

Anthony / Anthony W.B. Books and Media
Web Guru Design Client

“Vibhor was great to work with. Very professional and responsive. Highly recommended.”

Ken Jaskulski / Second Source Computers