Case Study: Roy’s Pizzeria

Roy’s Pizzeria is a restaurant located in Hyderabad, India which excels in providing its customers with some of the best Italian pizzas in the country. We used our expertise from the Spike’s Sight Project to design an exceptional e-commerce website for this business. This project, however, features a lot of customizations that are required to successfully run an online restaurant. The website has been designed using WordPress and its many features. We used Woo-commerce to set up the products and purchasing options. We also added extra features like product inventory management and a secure payment gateway integration using the Cashfree payment gateway provider. To read more about payment gateway integration check out this article

Customize product toppings


One of the customizations was to allow customers to choose extra toppings when ordering a pizza. Some of the toppings are unique to certain pizzas and therefore cannot be used everywhere. We set up a simple system that allowed customers to add toppings for a particular pizza directly from the product page of that pizza. We also set up a minimum order amount under which the customer will not be able to checkout to ensure that delivery is feasible for the restaurant. Another important feature we added was an order notification system, which alerts the restaurant every time a new order is placed using their online WooCommerce store.  

One of the problems of running an online restaurant is to make sure it runs as per your schedule. Sometimes a customer may place an order when your restaurant is not operating and may leave dejected to find that your shop is closed. To address this problem we designed a feature that automatically closes this restaurant’s online store based on a pre-determined schedule given to us by the owner. We later expanded this idea as the owner sometimes would open till late during the weekends. We provided the owner with a backend plugin that allows him to manually open and close his WooCommerce store as and when he requires it. What this means is that a customer will be able to view all products listed on your product page, however, they will not be to proceed to checkout when your shop is closed, as this plugin will also disable the add to cart and proceed to checkout buttons, depending on your requirements. To read more about this plugin click here.

Open Close WooCommerce Shop

This website is a perfect example for restaurants or any business that runs on a schedule to enable your customers to have a direct relationship with your business at the schedule that you operate. We can make customization as per request.  


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